Smoove - Small and moving: A futureproof vehicle for Chinese metropoles

In Chinese metropols like Beijing or Guangzhou the future development of the car market is not predictable. A small, friendly, economic yet iconic car, which focuses on the only child of typical uprising families, should provide a solid offering for the fuzzy future.

Photoshop rendering

I created a 3D tape as a base for further detailing and a CAD surface model in IcemSurf for milling and presentation.

A milled and lacquered 1:4 modell presents the result of the project.

The iconic design features circle windows which show and protect the only child of the family at the same time.

Creation and print of an ultrawide poster for design concept presentation at Volkswagen Design, 4.5 m width

Volkswagen Design

Internship at Volkswagen: Smoove, a small entry vehicle for Chinese metropoles.